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Juul 053

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Ø100 cm


Juul 053

Design: Nils Juul Eilersen

We decided to introduce pouffes into its collection since they are multi-functional furniture items that can be used in most rooms, either independently or as a comfortable extension to a sofa or armchair. 

A solid frame

Our pouffes are designed around a sturdy frame of solid wood so that the shape is retained regardless of whether it is used as a footstool, extra seat or as a table. To optimise its comfort, Juul has also chosen to fit them with springs and several types of foam.

JUUL 053

Frame in solid wood with Seat suspension of Nozag springs, padded with polyurethane foam.
The pillow-filled seat is HR foam, two-part with a firmer foam at the bottom and a softer on the top with a liner of fiberfill.
The pillow-filled back is HR foam with fiberfill.

JUUL053 is available with fabric or leather upholstered.
With fabric cover: The model comes standard with removable cover on the frame, with an undercover cover.
With leather cover: The model comes with a fixed cover on the frame.

All pillowcases are fitted with a zipper.
The model comes standard with Ø28 x 185 mm legs in brushed stainless steel.
The model comes standard without buttons. The model comes with a supplement with buttons either in size 12 mm or 38 mm.

5 years of factory warranty against fabrication defects on frame, springs and upholstery are granted.
There is no guarantee of fabric and leather, but please refer to www.juul.eu for special guidance on the choice of fabric and leather.
All stated goals are setting goals.

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