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Juul 701

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Arm Height (Frame): 70 cm · Arm Width: 7 cm
Total Depth (Frame): 90 cm · Seat Depth: 52 cm
Total Height (Frame): 70 cm · Seat Height: 46 cm


Juul 701

Design: Jens Juul Eilersen

The new sofa from Juul is both delicate and full of character

Designing a piece of furniture is about giving it the correct proportions and making it of durable materials. If it can be done at democratic prices, while giving the customer the option of determining its final styling, then you are well on your way.

The Danish design manufacturer, Juul, is in the process of launching even more sofas, based on the option to determine how large or small it should be, and which textiles it is upholstered with. Juul 701 is the latest offering of an elegant, Scandinavian sofa with a rigid body and an interior consisting of comfortable and soft cushions.

Flattering contrast

The Juul 701 has a delicate style, but the craftwork uses solid materials put together by hand, meaning the couch is strong enough to be used as the room's focal point. By removing all of the sofa's cushions, apart from the seat cushions, it can also be used as a bed. The more cushions are added to the Juul 701, the more refined the contrast between the tight exterior and the welcoming interior. And no matter how many pillows adorn the Juul 701, it will always appear to be floating and graceful on its slender legs of brushed steel.

Juul 701 is a slight variation on Juul's sofa universe, making it ideal for sitting in and talking and lying on. If the room is big and allows the sofa to take up a lot of space, it can be expanded in length and made into a corner sofa.

Custom-build your own sofa

Juul has developed the sofa to suit both large houses and urban apartments, which means that its proportions are designed to be equally inviting, whether it is for the home of a large family or a single student.

The Juul 701 can be custom-built for the individual, as Juul provides 137 different fabrics, including fine and coarse weaves, in bright pastels and bright shades of aquamarine oversaturated tones of grey and brown. In other words, Juul has designed a sofa that can be covered with Spartan cotton, heavy wool or fine velour.


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