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JUUL 012

Mid__0017_Juul 101 sofa 240x97 cm Pan 31 and 012 table 112 carpet ENVIR 2248.jpg
Mid__0022_Juul 012 table 100x100 cm chrome frame with glass top tinted brown and different footstools ENVIR 0468.jpg


Sizes: 80 x 80, 100 x 100 cm
60 x 120, 140 cm
Ø100 cm, Ø80 cm


JUUL 012

Design: Claus Christian Simonsen

Juul 012 is Juul’s new side table, which contributes to the Danish design tradition where quality materials and discrete details make a big difference. Juul has chosen to display the side table in glass, granite and marble since these living structures provide an interesting counterbalance to the materials typically found at home: wood, leather and textiles.

Hand-picked materials and feet on the ground

Four legs in smooth, chrome-plated or powder-coated black are held together with four "feet", made in the same style and of the same material. In addition to giving Juul 012 a sculptural expression, it also adds stability to the table. Throughout the design process, it has been extremely important for Juul to create a side table of durable materials, so that it can resist daily wear and tear and exhibit the best patination. Juul decided to supplement the common brown, white and green marble with another 10 types since the company predicts that marble will continue to play a vital role in future interior décor. The hand-picked marble affords ample opportunity to create exciting furnishings and to add extra lustre to the traditional grey or black sofa.

Juul 012 can also be toned down and made quite austere and classic with a black frame combined with black granite or a transparent, smoked or grey glass. The side table is a fusion of precious materials in a simple design, which showcases Juul's ability to create harmony between furniture and space.


Material: Black lacquered steel frame, glossy, chrome-plated steel frame, tabletops of glass, granite, marble, travertine and onyx.

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